Labor-Management Collaboration Impact

The Impact of Labor-Management Collaboration

October 12, 2016
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Video 1 Dr. Saul Rubinstein, Rutgers University, and his colleague Dr. John McCarthy, Cornell University, have been leading a national research project to investigate the impact of labor-management collaboration (LMC) on student learning. The research is based on the idea that effective, sustainable organizational change requires input and buy-infrom multiple stakeholders, and explores how supportive collaborative processes can be created and maintained.

In this video, Dr. Saul Rubinstein shares his research findings on the positive impact of school and district level union-management partnerships related to outcomes such as student performance, teacher turnover, knowledge transfer and adoption of innovation based on the results from this research.

Dr. Saul Rubinstein is a Professor in the Rutgers University School of Management & Labor Relations and the Director of its Collaborative School Leadership Initiative. His research focuses on union-management collaborative efforts in public education, and the impact of these partnerships on teaching and learning.

This research investigates the impact of labor-management collaboration on student learning through a national on-line survey. The researchers are interested in finding additional districts and schools to participate in this research by taking the survey. Additional survey participants will further expand the knowledge around the impact of labor-management collaboration. Districts and schools interested in participating in the survey should contact Heather McCarthy at or call 609-306-1848 to learn more.